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In Vlychada you can enjoy a moonscape, volcanic white rocks look immense and exotic atmosphere is impressive. The saltiness of the air and wave created a series of sculptures from sand, piece of rock that separates the mountain from the sea, making Vlychada a secluded haven for couples, quiet groups and nudists. The beach has fine black sand and dark pebbles and is organized at the beginning. Above the harbor of Vlychada, where tie fishing boats and small yachts, you will find tavernas to eat.

The beach Vlihadas is a virgin beach destination - although in recent years they have added some sunbeds and umbrellas at the beginning of the beach. The wooden canteen at the entrance of the old tomato factory Nomikos is fully equipped with everything needed for a long stay in the beach, but if you go to the end of the beach, obtain the necessary ago.


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